One night, my husband asked me if I could make a simple scrub cap for him to wear during his shifts in the OR. Excited for a new project, I took his measurements, tinkered away, and gave him a tailored cap that fit snugly around his head. After creating the men's caps, I got working on a streamlined design for the women's caps with the help of a dear friend who is also in her medical training.

What started as a small request turned into an idea, then a prototype, then another ten prototypes, months of planning, and finally, what you see here. And I am stoked to share these designs with you.

Mountain Caps are designed for the modern healthcare professional with rad patterns, a fitted design, and easy care instructions. Each cap is designed based on the feedback from male and female doctors who were looking for a better fit and alignment with their personal style. Here, you can find patterns that reflect your personality (because we all know those oversized scrubs aren't doing much) and add vibrancy to the work day (or night).

Whether you're into earthy prints, vibrant colors, or simple patterns, we've got your head covered.

All the best,

Designer and Owner